Grants to Post Secondary Institutions

In April 2016, a call for proposals was issued to post secondary institutions to develop and submit funding proposals for projects focused on preceptor professional development.

Funding support was subsequently awarded to the following projects, each of which has led to the development of new and unique learning resources for Saskatchewan health science preceptors:

  • Preceptors: Prompting Patient Presentations
    • This project will develop three open-access online learning resources that are focused on how preceptors across health care disciplines prompt students to present effective case presentations.
    • Project lead: Joyce Bruce, Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  • Use of Video Simulation to Enhance Utilization of Current Educational Resources
    • This project will develop a face-to-face interprofessional preceptor simulation experience that will be video-captured and developed for further dissemination as a teaching module.
    • Project lead: Natasha Hubbard-Murdoch, Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  • Development of an Online Toolkit for Preceptors and Clinical Faculty
    • This project will develop an online toolkit of resources focusing on giving feedback and evaluating student performance.
    • Project lead: Kathy Rodger, University of Saskatchwan

Resources developed through the first of these projects are available on the Preceptor Education and Support website. Check back often as more content will be added in the coming weeks!