History of SAHSN and the CLIPP Unit

Based on recommendations from the Noseworthy report (1999), Blueprint for Change, the Saskatchewan Academic Health Sciences Network (SAHSN) was established on 30 January 2002.

The Noseworthy report recommended the creation of a Health Sciences Advisory Council to address the optimum use of the resources within the University of Saskatchewan in the interests of health care in Saskatchewan. The Fyke and the Glynn reports (2001) recommended that Saskatoon Health Region (SHR) be designated an academic health sciences centre, with a different mandate and governance structure than those of the other health regions and with education and research requirements being acknowledged as central to the mission of the centre. As Glynn noted:

"There should be an interdependent relationship between the University of Saskatchewan and SDH [now SHR] – each needs the other to thrive and survive.

"Teaching, service, and research should be seen as complementary and interrelated core activities of the University and the District [Region]."

Consistent with the Noseworthy recommendations, the Health Sciences Advisory Council was formed in January 2000 to function in an advisory capacity to its member organizations. The Council has focused on the governance challenges associated with the creation of a stronger collaboration and operational issues such as access to operating rooms and the recruitment of physicians and faculty.

Consistent with the Noseworthy, Fyke, and Glynn recommendations and the more recently released Action Plan for Saskatchewan Health Care, the Council considered the creation of an academic health sciences centre and determined that there were persuasive arguments to establish a province-wide network to meet the need for effective collaboration. Accordingly, the Council agreed to the establishment of a Saskatchewan Academic Health Sciences Network for partnership in service, research, and teaching. Between 2002 and 2015 SAHSN consisted of both a board and a small staff involved in working with stakeholders to operationalize the priorities of the board.  In 2015 the SAHSN board chose to re-constitute the current staff within the SAHSN office into a new Clinical Learning and Interprofessional Practice (CLIPP) unit.  The purpose of the name change was to distinguish the operational work of the CLIPP unit from the strategic functions of the SAHSN board.

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