HSPnet Training

There are many options for HSPnet training in Saskatchewan...

Classsroom Training

Classroom training sessions are offered a few times a year in Saskatoon and Regina to clinical coordinators that are new to HSPnet.


Webinars are offered frequently as a general orientation for new users, as a refresher for existing users or those wanting to learn more about advanced features, and as a way to provide training on new HSPnet tools or enhancements. Whatever your reason for participating, webinars provide a great opportunity to connect with other HSPnet users, and to have your questions answered by expert trainers. Register for one today via the HSPnet-SK login page.

Training Videos and Quick Reference Guides

There are many training videos and quick reference guides available on the HSPnet website, on nearly every HSPnet topic you can think of!

Need to know how to assign multiple supervisors (preceptors) to a placement? There's a video for that! Need to know how to upload a new student cohort? There's a quick reference guide for that! In fact, there are over 100 videos and quick reference guides in total to help users make the best use of HSPnet. Access one today!

All video and quick reference guide resources are available under "Help/Support", once you have logged in to HSPnet.