Health Science Placement Network - Saskatchewan (HSPnet-SK)

HSPnet is a comprehensive, web-enabled Practice Education Management system for the health sciences, addressing challenges of discipline-specific and interprofessional student placements. It was first implemented in Saskatchewan in 2006.

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For more information about HSPnet, please visit Click Saskatchewan on the map to see province-specific information, including upcoming training opportunities.

If you are interested in implementing HSPnet within your organization, please contact Ronda Appell, Provincial HSPnet Coordinator, to discuss your needs. Should your organization decide to move forward with HSPnet, a Memorandum of Agreement would need to be signed.

Capacity Profiles

Destination profiles in HSPnet contain information about services offered, activity levels, typical staffing and capacity to accommodate student placements.

By sharing this information in HSPnet, it is accessible to clinical coordinators from all programs that use HSPnet and can be used to support collaborative placement planning and better alignment of placement requests with available learning opportunities.

Completed profiles have recently been added to HSPnet for Kelsey Trail Health and Prairie North Health Regions. This work has focused on identifying placement capacity for nursing students in response to ongoing strong demand. Together with the profiles completed for Cypress Health Region in 2015, there are now more than 120 destinations across three health regions with completed destination and capacity profiles.

Beginning in 2017, capacity profiles will be added for Sunrise Health Region.