IP Definitions

Interprofessional Education has been defined as the following:

Interprofessional Education occurs when two or more professions learn with, from and about each other to improve collaboration and the quality of care.

Definition Statement on Interprofessional Education

Collaborative Client (Patient) Centred Care (Practice) has been defined as the following:

Patient-centred care is defined as a practice orientation, a way of health care professionals working together and with their patients.  It involves the continuous interaction of two or more professionals or disciplines organized into a common effort to solve or explore common issues with the best possible participation of the patient. It is designed to promote the active participation of each discipline in patient care. 

Collaborative patient-centered practice is designed to promote the active participation of several health care disciplines and professions. It enhances patient-, family-, and community-centred goals and values, provides mechanisms for continuous communication among health care providers, optimizes staff participation in clinical decision making (within and across disciplines), and fosters respect for the contributions of all providers.