Preceptor Recognition Fund

In 2008 CLIPP obtained funding from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health to create and manage a Provincial Preceptor Recognition Program. The primary goal of this initiative was to recognize all health sciences preceptors for their valuable contributions and provide for further professional development opportunities for preceptors so they can be effective role models and educators.

Between 2008 and 2016 a number of preceptor activities and initiatives have been supported with this funding, including:

  1. Grants to RHAs for preceptor recognition initiatives
  2. Preceptor website
  3. Preceptor conferences
  4. Grants to post-secondary institutions for preceptor professional development initiatives

Grants to RHAs for Preceptor Recognition Initiatives

The Preceptor Recognition Fund provided three years of funding for health regions to create or add to already established preceptor recognition programs with a focus on preceptor professional development. Interested health regions submitted proposals to CLIPP to receive funding each year. The intention of the fund was to help health regions establish or expand internal recognition events and provide professional development opportunities for staff that preceptor students. This phase of the Preceptor Recognition Program was complete in 2012.